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HP Series Dual Channel Amplifiers


 2U (3.5" high) 19" Rack Mountable Chassis

 Built-in limiter reduces clipping distortion and protects speakers from being overdriven.

 Touring or fixed installation applications.

 Quicklock connecting SpeakonTM speaker connectors.

 Gold-plated XLR and 1/4" TRS Phonejacks input connectors.

 Powerful, high current, low noise toroidal transformer.

 Quiet, isolated cooling system.

 Symmetrical, modularized design for easy transportation and quick service.

 Front mounted, detent volume controls.

 LED display for signal level (-10dB, -3dB, clip) and speaker protect for each channel.

 Stereo/Parallel and Bridge Mode operation.



ProPower Audio HP Series feature a highly dynamic, ultra-low distortion pre-driver circuit. The discrete complementary-symmetrical push-pull cascade amplifier circuit of this type is only found on high end amplifier models.
Powerful MOSFET current-driver transistors are used to drive the output stages. Only one pair of MOSFET current-driver transistors is used in the design to drive the output power transistors in order to get the best current acceleration and to reduce distortion, which comes from too many orders of current amplifying. The design arrangement also minimizes the possibility of feedback.
Direct coupled NFB and DC servo easily handle subwoofers. A stable direct couple negative feedback with DC servo circuitry is applied for the best ultra-low frequency performance.

MODEL HP-20 HP-16 HP-12
Output(program) 4 ohm both Ch. 1200W x 2 1000W x 2 800W x 2
Output(rms) 4 ohm both Ch. 1000W x 2 800W x 2 600W x 2
Output(program) 8 ohm both Ch.

700W x 2

600W x 2 500W x 2
Output(rms) 8 ohm both Ch. 600W x 2 500W x 2 400W x 2
Output(rms) 8 ohm bridged 2000W x 1 1600W x 1 1200W x 1
Input connectors Balanced input 2-Female XLR, 2-Phonejacks (TRS)
Output Conn. (HP) Speaker Out 2-Speakon(tm)
Output Conn. (XP) Speaker Out
Bal. X-over Out
2-Male XLR, 2-Phonejacks (TRS)
Controls (HP) 2-Level, Stereo/Parallel/Bridged, Gnd Lift
Controls (XP) 2-Level, Stereo/Parallel/Bridged, Gnd Lift
Normal/Hi, Normal/Low 2-way Xover
Cooling Two variable speed fans
Protection Turn-on, Short, DC, Over temperature
Status Indicators -10dB, -3dB, Clip, Protect, Power
Freq. response 20Hz~20kHz +0, -0.5dB
Freq. bandwidth 5Hz~50kHz +0, -3 dB
THD Distortion   <0.01%
IM distortion   <0.03%
Input sensitivity   0.775 Vrms
Input impedance   10k ohm
Damping factor   >500
Crosstalk   <-90 dB
Noise   <-105 dB
Slew rate   40V/uS 30V/uS 20V/uS
Voltage gain   36dB 35dB 34 dB
Power supply   3000W 2500W 2000W
Max current draw AC115V(230V) 24(12)A 20(10)A 15(8)A
Dimension 2U Rack 3 1/2"(H) * 19"(W) * 15"(D)
Weight lbs (kg) 44 (20) 38 (17) 33 (15)
 All specifications subject to change without prior notice
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